Long Term Care Insurance: Promotion for India Chamber Members

Long-term care insurance is a hot topic these days. Just about every time you pick up a newspaper or a magazine you can find a story about the subject. But what can long-term care insurance do for you?  Many of our clients have been asking us the following questions:•    What might be my long-term care needs?•    To what extent does Medicare or Medicaid  cover long-term care services?•    What does long-term care insurance pay for and exactly how does it work?•    What should I look for in a long-term care insurance company?•    How much does long-term care insurance cost and can I afford it?Long-term care insurance can be a confusing topic and we are here to make it easier for you.   Northwestern Mutual is offering a 5% discount to those members who qualify for long-term care with Northwestern Mutual. (the discount goes into affect once we have 10 members insured within the next 10 months and will apply to any subsequent qualified chamber members) We can answer any questions you may have on long-term care insurance from Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company, a subsidiary of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.India Chamber-OKC member, Jeanne Lowrey, will contact you soon to talk more about the many options for funding your long-term care needs and the steps we can take to develop your personalized plan today.   In the meantime, please review more information on the website:http://jeannealowrey.nm.com/Long-Term-Care.t311.htm and/or take a couple of minutes to watch this video to learn more about the impacts of caring for someone on a long-term basis and why it’s so important to plan in advance for this type of care.Jeanne A. Lowrey, CLUCell: 602-689-4999Email: jeanne.a.lowrey@nm.com 

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