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Aluminium producers forced to source coal from outside the state and abroad or resort to power imports, impacting their production cost
Instruments with 'IND AA' rating are considered to have high degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations and such instruments carry very low credit risk, according to Ind-Ra
The hydropower generator has also expressed its willingness to participate in the 1,000-Mw solar power park scheme coming up in Odisha
The latest audit report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has seen the debt-laden Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (GSPC) emerge as the biggest loss making state public sector undertaking (SPSU). Among the 14 loss-making SPSUs in the Gujarat government, GSPC incurred the highest loss of Rs 170.61 billion. The CAG report, tabled recently in the state assembly, showed that GSPC Ltd. booked impairment loss of Rs 149.2354 billion on 80 per cent participating interest and 10 per cent in KG-OSN-2001/3 block (KG Block). The total loss of the company for the year 2016-17 stood at Rs 170.61 billion. Out of the 77 working SPSUs, 54 earned profit of Rs 36.48 billion, while 14 of them incurred losses totaling Rs 184.12 billion including that of GSPC. The total turnover of these SPSUs stood at Rs 1119.53 billion, about 9.95 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) for 2016-17.The 77 working state PSUs together posted an overall profit of Rs 16.33 billion in ..
The partnership will extend to all formats of Indian cricket matches
The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Chennai Bench has approved the resolution plan submitted by US-based investor Ingen Capital Group LLC for Chennai-based pharmaceutical manufacturer Orchid Pharma Ltd, following which the management will be consituted under the control of the new investor. The lenders may take a haircut and would receive around Rs 10 billion out of the total Rs 32 billion outstanding, according to sources close to the development. The company today informed the exchanges that the resolution plan by Ingen Capital Group has been approved by the NCLT on September 17 under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.Ingen has to pay the amount in 30 days and has to settle the banks by the time. A consortium of 24 banks has lend a total of over Rs 32 billion to the pharmaceutical manufacturer in the past, apart from the amount due to the employees and other outstanding payments. "The Banks will have to take a haircut and may be able to recover Rs 10 billion out of the .
Company seeks to establish direct footprint is western India, a market it has so far been serving through its plants in Odisha and West Bengal
Industry says will create a new brand identity for this tea and may help push exports, and will also help protect the Darjeeling brand
JioTV and Hotstar users can watch T20 matches, ODIs, international test cricket and premier domestic competitions of the BCCI
Under this plan, which is nearly 3.5 times the liquidation value of Assam Company, the lenders will be taking a 20 per cent haircut over their total claims, including interest
The 7nm process packs 6.9 billion transistors in the same form factor as its predecessor, while delivering 20% improved performance and 40% more efficiency
The post of SAIL chairman fell vacant on June 30 with the retirement of P K Singh
Greece formally accepted the offer on Thursday after the terms of the contract were finalised
As an intersection of real estate, hospitality and technology, the company has over 20 technological products that power various business verticals
The annual production volume is expected at about 6.5 metric tons of gold per year
The closure marks the beginning of the end of the company's first foray into oil and gas exploration and production that started in September 2008
The initial public offer (IPO) is expected to fetch Rs 4.5 billion
ILUMYA is one of the key specialty products of Sun Pharma and it was approved by the US health regulator USFDA in March 2018 while the European Commission approved it in September 2018
The announcement reinforces the IT major's May 2017 commitment to hire 10,000 Americans and open technology-cum-innovation hubs across the US by 2023
Both Amazon and Flipkart are pumping in millions of dollars towards building infrastructure