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The move comes as the language market is expected to drive growth in the print sector
All transactions, regardless of amount and every new wallet customer would require full KYC after March 2018
For petrol car with Rs 500,000-600,000 tag, EV variant won't be less than Rs 1.2 mn today, says Maruti Suzuki chairman
Indian Hotels CEO Puneet Chhatwal says, 'Multi-brand strategy launched 13-14 years ago was the right way forward'
Indian Hotels CEO Puneet Chhatwal says, 'Multi-brand strategy launched 13-14 years ago was the right way forward'
The industry is now technically insolvent, with the market capitalisation of many companies now lower than their debt outstanding
Bhushan Steel was sent for debt resolution by its lenders after it failed to repay its dues worth Rs 560 billion
Rajan S Mathews said problem of call drop is more in data based networks like voice over LTE than tech used for 2G, 3G
Both GSEC Aviation and Monarch acquired equal stake in the two carriers; JV would hold 100% of Air Deccan and 60% of Air Odisha
NPCI, however, stays silent on the key issue of two-factor authentication; sources, however, claim that WhatsApp will play by rules
The remaining 35% of IFC continues to be held by the Maker Group
The Jio offer is valid on first recharge done between February 15 to March 31, 2018 using new smartphones
In a separate filing, OnMobile Global (OGL) said Telesystem had acquired Infosys' stake in OnMobile Systems
The high court on January 31 order paved the way for enforcement of the 2016 arbitral award passed by the Singapore tribunal against the Singh brothers who had sold their shares in Ranbaxy to Daiichi
Wearing a simple black T-shirt and jeans, Rock, 53, made his case based not on Trump's potential, but rather on how his disastrous tenure could lead to something better
Sectoral regulator Trai has notified transparent pricing norms for telecom operators clearly defining the concept of non-discrimination and non-predation and also levying of penalty to the tune of Rs 5 million per tariff plan for each service area if an operator is found to be indulged in offering predatory tariffs.Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has come out with new rules on transparent pricing after incumbent operators complained to it against new entrant Reliance Jio for offering predatory tariffs as they were below cost and not compliant with the principles of interconnect usage charges (IUC).However, in the new rules, Trai has clarified that IUC cannot be taken as floor for the retail tariff and it decided to remove the requirement of IUC compliance from the reporting requirement. Trai said prices are considered predatory when the significant market players (SMP) sets its price so low that it can be considered rational only if it reduces competition, eliminate ...
The company had alleged that the money was not paid as RCom claimed that the invoices were raised in the name of HP Financial Services and not RCom
In some situations, if the character is viewed through an iOS notification, it can cause the entire device to crash
Dr. E Sreedharan gets Lifetime Achievement Award for transforming public transportation, winners also announced in nine other categories
With Coal India now prioritising availability of thermal coal to the power plants by streamlining both its road and rail supply network, its plans of acquiring a 20-25 per cent stake in an Australian firm which could have ensured steady procurement of coking coal, has been put on the backburner.Apart from prioritising steady production across its mines, the company is now closely coordinating with Railways to make 288 rakes available each day for supply of the black diamond to the power plants - an exercise which is the top priority now. Towards the end of the last year, resulting from dearth of railway rake availability, coal stocks with the power plants hit rock bottom spiralling the energy sector into a crisis. Thenceforward, Coal India had to step up despatches on a war footing.An official told Business Standard that coordination with the railways for steady despatches to the power sector would ensure that instance doesn't repeat in the future. It has now drawn up a mine-wise ...